More Interiors / Property Photography – North Yorkshire UK

A return visit to a house in North Yorkshire that I’ve previously photographed. There’s so much to photograph in this property and everywhere you look is beautiful design and outstanding craftsmanship. It’s a real pleasure to work in such exquisite surroundings.

Top of the shoot list this time was a stunning wine cellar. It’s glass frontage and complete lack of natural light (being in a cellar) provided quite a challenge to light.

Property & Interior Photography Yorkshire

Property & Interior Photography Yorkshire

Property & Interior Photography Yorkshire

Property & Interior Photography Yorkshire

Property & Interior Photography Yorkshire

A couple of Exteriors – North Yorkshire Property Photography

It has been a while since we’ve seen so much sun. And photography without sun is like roast beef without horseradish (to me anyway). It’s fine but you know it could be so much better.

So after what feels like years with only the odd day of sun we’ve had a number of weeks of it and photographing exteriors of properties has been a joy.

Here a few of my favourites from my travels.


The Sarojin, Thailand – Photography for Hotels, Holiday Homes and B&B’s


It’s tough shooting in environments like this, the humidity means that anything you take from inside to out (as is common when shooting property) will steam up and be unusable for up to an hour. The mosquitoes at dusk and dawn, make waiting for the light a painful experience and the intense heat makes lugging all the gear around much more of a chore than normal.

Fortunately a dip in the pool soon makes up for all the irks and in reality this kind of thing is more than a joy to photograph.





Interiors Photography – Property Photographer York

I recently had the pleasure of photographing one of the most stunning houses I have ever photographed (and I have been to thousands of houses).

It was a showcase property for the rather wonderful Bonham & Bonham who make beautiful bespoke furniture and interiors. Wonderful panelling, spectacular bathrooms and kitchens, even a gunroom, this property had it all. I look forward to my next visit to photograph some more of this truly spectacular home.