Lake District Landscape Photography – Part 1

Further to my earlier blog entry here is part one of my weekend in the English Lake District.

My first stop on the way over was at White Scar in the Yorkshire Dales. I had planned to get here as the sun was getting low in the sky but was running a little later than I would have liked. By the time I’d made the twenty-minute or so climb up onto the scar the sun had disappeared below the horizon and the clouds were in the wrong place for any exciting colours. I couldn’t turn round and walk back down the hill without having a little explore though and made this in the after light. I might not have got the photograph I wanted but a useful scouting mission for a location to revisit.

The Milky Way.

After checking in at the lovely B&B where the warm welcome made up for the chilly temperatures we headed out to what I hoped would be a dark spot near Keswick to make some exposures of the sky. Just after this was taken and the camera firmly back in the back I spotted a bright glow in the sky quite low to the Easterly horizon. At first I thought it was a plane but as it got closer passing about 60degrees above the horizon t
o the South of us we realised it was breaking up and could surely only be a meteorite. I’ve seen numerous shooting stars but this was nothing like them – it felt so close and was extremely bright. Of course it would have nice to have caught it on camera but sometimes it’s just nice to have the full experience of watching something incredible without the distraction of looking at it through the viewfinder.

For the camera buffs amongst you this photo is taken at 24mm, F1.4 and ISO 1600 with a shutter speed of 30 seconds. That is a LOT of light (or very little light depending on how you look at it!)

The next morning it was up at 0530 and in the car to drive round to the far side of Dewentwater. I had planned a pier that was nicely lined up with he direction of sunrise but the closer we got in sight of the lake there was a thick layer of mist covering it. It may well have made for a nice shot of the pier but I’ve always been keen to get above conditions like that and look down on them, so with a quick scan of the ordnance survey map we decided a hike up Cat Bells was in order. This panorama was made about halfway up. I was drawn in by the mystical looking islands reminding me of adventure books from when I was a laddie.

We carried on up towards the summit and I stopped to take in this group of rocks just catching the first rays of sunshine as the sun was bouncing off the top of the mist over the lake.

Finally reaching the summit around an hour after sunrise just as the sun was burning off the last of the low level mist. We had the hills and the views all to our self until we got back down to the car. A breakfast well earned and all before 0930.

This last image for this instalment is the Lodore Falls to the South-West end of Derwentwater. They are quite spectacular and a little different in that they are very closely surround by trees so that the water appears to cascade amongst the tress rather than as part of the river.

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8 years ago

Wonderful! The waterfall is amazing and I love fog in pictures – it adds a bit of mystery.