Lake District Landscape Photography – Part 2

If you missed part 1 it’s here

This begins as the sun goes down on the first full day. We’d spent the day having a wander around the shores and consulting maps to find a spot for sunset and ended up on the South East corner of Derwentwater with view across the lake and up the valley’s at both ends.

The cliffs fell off very sharply at this point, I was ultra careful with all my gear as a nudge in the wrong direction would have sent it on quite a tumble

Looking to the North as the last of the sun’s rays light up the few clouds left

Twilight at Ashness bridge.
I almost always prefer moving water in the soft light of a cloudy day or in pre-dawn/post sunset glow. Combined with a longish exposure (this being 8 seconds) it turns the water into something that we wouldn’t normally see it as through our eyes. Again, the sky is a little too cloudless for my liking but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

On a near cloudless, windless evening after the sun has long gone leaving only twilight the hills and the lakes become moody and foreboding. Jet black hills, mirror lake surface yet eerily calm at the same time.

Pre-dawn at the pier. The Lake District is defined by its relationship with the water and these piers enhance the connection between the two. Piers are one of the few man made aspects that I think can really enhance a view.

A black and white version of an image I posted just after I got back. It’s here if you missed it.

Soft Light
As the sun continued to rise burning off the mist on the surface of the lake and lighting the distant hills I searched for a peaceful, minimal composition to show the light off to its best. You don’t get much more minimal than a single rock carefully composed to accentuate the repeating rhythms of the hills.

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8 years ago

I love black and white photos as they can be so dramatic. I’m glad you’re careful while climbing those hills to get the photos – I’m happy to see the wondrous results, though.